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About Us

Longhorn operates as a fund manager and closely held private corporation. Its investment focus is on transitional assets in the final stages of re-positioning. The investments are orchestrated in one of three ways.


Direct Lending:

Since its inception Longhorn has closed and funded over 2,000 loans.


Commercial Loans:

  1. Value Add acquisitions and refinance transactions.  These are high quality transitional or non-conforming assets/properties in  strong or improving markets that require time to stabilize rent rolls, complete renovations, or perform minor re-positioning prior to locking in long term fixed rate financing.
  2. Hard Money Loans: These are short term loans on all commercial asset types.  Scenarios usually involve either a need for speed, a distressed element or some type of creative structuring.
  3. 1-4 Family Investment Properties: Longhorn specializes in rehab, acquisition, and refinance transactions. (For more info on 1-4 family loans visit www.longhorninvestments.com)


Fund Management:

Since 2008 Longhorn has built and managed a highly successful real estate opportunity fund.  The fund makes investments in high yield debt instruments designed to produce secure, consistent cash flow for it’s investors.


Investment Banking:

Investment opportunities often come to Longhorn outside of their traditional debt and equity structures. In these instances Longhorn will consider partnering with other investment houses in the funding of these projects. The arrangement can be in the form of JV`s, strategic alliances or a simple pari passu agreement. In either case, Longhorn`s goal is to be a reliable funding source for its origination partners and a secure investment house for its financial partners.